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I'm sure you came to my site because you need marketing copy from a professional health copywriter … one with a strong medical background like yours. You may be looking for somebody who has practiced for years and knows both medical terminology and human physiology. 

You want a writer who knows how your patients think, the challenges of healthcare and the science of the human body. You may want long-copy sales letters, emails, autoresponder emails, web copy, video copy, sales funnels, or more. 

You may want to sell your services or products to healthcare providers, or, if you're a provider yourself, you may want marketing copy to promote your practice to the public.

Whatever your reasons, you’ll want to know more about me before you hire me to write for you. 

If we were sitting face-to-face in your office, you’d be asking me plenty of questions. So, let me answer a few or those on the next page … my FAQ page.

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Dr. Boatright simplifies complex health information. Simplicity equals more business.

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