About Dr. Boatright (Doc)


Dr. Rick Boatright

In the early 1980’s Rick was a high-school-drop-out construction worker. He concluded that he didn’t like that lifestyle and decided to become a doctor instead. He didn’t like blood or having his sleep interrupted for emergencies either, so he decided on chiropractic.

He went back to school, got a degree, enrolled in chiropractic school, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and even supervised his fellow interns in clinic.

For the final year he was in school, he was a faculty member and continued as an instructor at chiropractic symposia for another 6 years after getting licensed.

Activator Methods Inc. nominated him for chiropractor of the year in 1988, before he even graduated, for his research in chiropractic technique.

He learned from experience that the most powerful thing in the world is a decision!

Where we’ve come from and what our present situation might be have nothing to do with what our future can hold. We get to decide that.

During his education process, he discovered he loved to write. 

Later, in practice, he studied the works of copy-writers like Dan Kennedy, Paul Hollingsworth and Rebecca Matter and fell in love with direct-response copywriting.

Since 1991, Rick has written all of his own marketing material. It produced and filled four simultaneous practices for several years. In the meantime he wrote six books … between patients. The best—selling of them is “Surviving Type Two Diabetes,available on Amazon.com.

Doc was in his 60’s when his wife of 24 years passed away in Northern Arizona. He’d already been studying direct-response copywriting with AWAI for years. He knew that’s how he wanted to semi-retire. 

So, he closed his practice, moved to Mesa, AZ, and pursued his copywriting career.

Again, he knew that WE get to decide our future.

Today, Doc may do an occasional chiropractic adjustment on a friend or a horse, but he happily spends his days helping other people accomplish their marketing goals, writing persuasive, direct-response marketing copy.

His new Love and life partner, Deborah Wellborn, a romance-novelist, says she gets excited just watching him work. He’s so enthusiastic, anybody can tell at a glance that he’s truly passionate about his writing.