Frequently Asked Questions


Questions I'm often asked

Q:  Do you have experience in my field?

A:  I’ve practiced as a chiropractor from 1989 to the present. I’ve written all of my own marketing copy since 1991. During the four years before I went full-time as a health copywriter, I owned and worked four practices – two of them for people and two for horses. 

In practice, I’ve offered both services and retail products, plus educational materials and training. I was an instructor, teaching chiropractic procedures for 7 years. I know the alternative health field well.

Q: “What kinds of assignments do you handle?” 

A: I offer a full array of copywriting services for alternative health-related products and services. That includes copy for coaching companies, product distributors, seminar presenters, supplement companies, or individual practitioners.

 To see the list of the exact services I offer, along with complete descriptions, see my “Services and Investments” page.

Q: “What does it cost to hire you for a project?” 

A: It’s impossible to give a generic, one-size-fits-all price. You want personalized copy with your specific message. We’ll evaluate your project and then we can offer a range of investments you can choose from. 

Those investment ranges are also on the “Services and Investments” page. 

You'll find my fees competitive.

Q: “How long will it take you to write my copy?”

A: I like to have 2 to 4 weeks to finish a copywriting assignment. That gives me time to edit, revise, and polish it, until we’re both happy with every word. 

I realize there may be times when you can’t wait that long. So, if the job’s a rush, please tell me the date you need to receive the copy. 

If I have prior commitments, I may not be able to take on an urgent assignment. But, if I do take the job, I guarantee that you’ll have the copy on your desk by the deadline.

Q: “What happens if we want you to revise the copy?” 

A: Just tell me what you want me to revise, with some guidelines on what needs to be cut or added, and I’ll make the changes. 

There’s no additional charge for editing changes. Two revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed to for the assignment. That’s provided that they are assigned within 14 days of you receiving the copy.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll revise the copy according to your specific guidelines, at my expense.

Q: “How do I order from you?” 

A: Just pick up the phone. Call or text me at 928-243-5665

You can also email me at

Let me know what you’d like from me as a copywriter, and together we can come up with a solution that will suit your needs.


P.S. There’s no charge for a consultation. So, feel free to call me at your convenience.