Services and Investments

 Autoresponders: These are series of emails that go out automatically in a pre-set sequence. They welcome, onboard, engage, sell, upsell, cross-sell, and/or inform.

Range: $150 - $1,000 / email

Brochures: Minimum two pages. I offer trifold or booklet-style. Range: $250 - $400 / page

Content: This is information copy. It may contain links and/or calls to action.  

Range: $550 – 2,000 / page

Copy Review: You have great ideas. Let me help you with wording and sequence to maximize its effectiveness in closing the action you want the reader to take. Range: $150 - $500 / page

Emails - long: Basically, these are sales letters; or they are lead generation letters offering a free enticement in exchange for an email contact.  Range: $750 - $3,500

Emails - short: These pieces inform, prospect, sell, welcome, get clients onboard, engage them in your product or service, educate, up-sell, etc.    Range: $250 - $2,000

Facebook ad copy: Facebook requires a specific format for ads. Range: $175 - $350

Funnels: Funnels are projects that start with a lead generation package and follow up with an autoresponder series of emails. Range: $250 - $750 / email

Lead Generation: These are long-emails offering free information products you need to collect an email to deliver. This strategy builds your email list.  Range: $750 - $3,500


Power Point Presentations: Are slide show presentations for talks or seminars.  Range: $150 - $400 / slide

SEO Review: I do a basic review of your web page to help maximize search engine ranking.

Range: $250 - $400 / page

Video sales letters: These are slide shows with one paragraph per slide, typically black text on a white background. Usually you have a voice narrating each slide. They end with a powerful call to action.  Range: $100 - $300 per slide


Video scripts: Contain word content and visual descriptions for videos. Usually from 1 to 5 minutes in length.  Range: $200 to $500 / min

Web pages: 

     Home page for your website: Content for your home page with motivation to explore other pages.  Range: $1,500 to $3,500

     Web page: Topic-specific content for a page of your web site.

Range: $550 - $1,250

     Landing Page: This is a page that contains a call-to-action, typically with fields for leaving contact information – often a page that closes the sale. Range: $550 - $3,000

White Papers: these are small booklets about a company, product or service.

 Range: $2,000 - $7,500